Handling email attachment files

In some cases, particularly if there has been a problem delivering products in the normal way, purchased items may be sent by to you as an email attachment. You will need an application such as WinZIP or StuffIt Expander to decode the files.

Most Operating Systems now come with some kind of decoding application to accept file attachments. If the file test downloaded successfully but could not be 'decoded', or 'expanded' please
download the free Windows 'Expander' application
download the free Macintosh 'Expander' application and try again.
This is how you decode the compressed and encoded 'types' of file we send you.

Checking your System's ability to download large files

If you find files of a larger size cannot be received by you, an adjustment may be necessary. Please ensure that large files can be received by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Server or the program used to collect your email! Ask your System Administrator to effect the changes. It is your responsibility, the Purchaser, to provide accurate delivery information and also ensure that files can be accepted this way. If files are not delivered within the stated time there can be several reasons:

1. Email delivery address provided to us is incorrect.

2. Your ISP does not allow large file downloads, either via your web browser of your email Client (application).

3. For products sent by email attachment, email Client (application) setting is too low to receive the large file.

4. Our email address is not a 'trusted' email address known to you.

If any of these circumstances prevents you from receiving files, we try to contact you in the following ways, giving you the opportunity to change settings with your ISP, Server or email program:

1. Email you detailing size of 'failed' message.

2. Telephone to discuss how to remedy the situation.

3. Write explaining the situation.

If any of the contact details as provided to us are incorrect, we cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery.

Email Client Settings (for email attachments only)
To adjust the program receiving your email to allow files of the size you set, look for a menu item such as Preferences, Options or anything which relates to sending/receiving email and make an adjustment large enough (as stated in our email) to cope with the troublesome file.